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theGodspeed's News

Posted by theGodspeed - May 30th, 2013

So I am working on some EDM right now. Thought I might try it out and that's where I've been the last months. Been working my butt off trying to learn all I can about how to make it and the community behind it. So here goes nothing. Hopefully I'll have some electronic dance music up by next weekend!

I'm at around 40 tracks already and am not even finished with the track. I never used this many in my other music! Probably going to be near 60 by the time that I am done.

Posted by theGodspeed - April 11th, 2013

Yo, so I have a Twitter now. Feel free to stop by and follow. Working on music now. =)


Posted by theGodspeed - December 11th, 2012

Gah, Newgrounds isn't letting me submit my audio! It's sampled at 44.1 kHz and only 5.4 out of the 15 MB limit and it's an mp3. As soon as I work this out, I'll put up a song.

Posted by theGodspeed - November 6th, 2012

It has been a while since I have uploaded anything but I have not abandoned you! I have been slammed with my career but I've been pushing 300 hour editing months for DJ gigs and have also been working on getting proficient at creating music in an entirely new genre for me: EDM. Electronic Dance Music. I love that genre and have for years, but haven't made anything. I'm working on putting out content for you guys currently. See you soon.

Posted by theGodspeed - August 28th, 2012

There we go! My bandcamp is all set up and looking professional. Now I don't have to rely on something like Mediafire for people to download my music from. Thank you to SilenceHD for spurring me to get something more reliable and better looking. Plus, I've got a better looking album cover now.


And P.S. You can just put $0 once you buy it and go to the checkout. It's all free but of course donations are totally accepted. =)


Bandcamp And Album Download

Posted by theGodspeed - August 25th, 2012

Hey you guys! I finally put together all of my best music onto a website so you can download them all in one go. I really appreciate the support that the NG community has given me in the past, so this is for you. And I promise to continue making songs as often as possible amongst audio engineering, DJing and other misc jobs I have. See you around!


My Album Is Now Available!!!

Posted by theGodspeed - July 5th, 2012

Hey you guys, it's been a while since I've last been on NewGrounds. Haha it's hard having 3 jobs and majoring in audio engineering in college all at the same time but now I'm back! I'm going to post the last song soon that's going to be on the free album that I've been putting together for the last month and then release it! Also, if anybody wants to chat with me, my Skype is "theGodspeed" and my Tumblr is "http://ltsworththepain.tumblr.com".

Good to be back!

Posted by theGodspeed - May 2nd, 2012

I think I'll be making an album of all of my best music soon. It would be free to download and hopefully extremely epic.

Posted by theGodspeed - April 29th, 2012

Just finished a song that was intended for the 26th anniversary Metroid Prime album "101% Run". Unfortunately, it wasn't the Metroid style as it is too metal, so it didn't make it on the album. But I'll be releasing it tomorrow here on NewGrounds.

It's called "Trajectory".

Posted by theGodspeed - April 26th, 2012

Hey, I just reedited the song "Love". It sounds a whole heck of a lot better now and there are no bit-rate problems. Enjoy. =)