Skype, Tumblr and New Album

2012-07-05 15:16:25 by theGodspeed

Hey you guys, it's been a while since I've last been on NewGrounds. Haha it's hard having 3 jobs and majoring in audio engineering in college all at the same time but now I'm back! I'm going to post the last song soon that's going to be on the free album that I've been putting together for the last month and then release it! Also, if anybody wants to chat with me, my Skype is "theGodspeed" and my Tumblr is "".

Good to be back!


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2012-07-14 00:47:25

WUUUU!!!!!! Thats a lot on your plate, but it's nice that you still try to put stuff out for your growing fanbase. Looking forward to your stuff! I dont use either Skype or Tumblr, or I'd say it there.

theGodspeed responds:

Thanks man, I really appreciate that a whole lot! And yeah, lol a bit of a hectic time in my life but I'm still creating music as much as I can. Thanks for commenting man, you've always been super positive about whatever music I've put out.