Entry #11

EDM & New Music!

2013-05-30 02:11:52 by theGodspeed

So I am working on some EDM right now. Thought I might try it out and that's where I've been the last months. Been working my butt off trying to learn all I can about how to make it and the community behind it. So here goes nothing. Hopefully I'll have some electronic dance music up by next weekend!

I'm at around 40 tracks already and am not even finished with the track. I never used this many in my other music! Probably going to be near 60 by the time that I am done.


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2013-06-12 03:07:49

...where did you go?

theGodspeed responds:

Been working under an audio engineer and learning a whole heck of a lot of new stuff. Brushing up on music theory and also soon going to Nashville, Tennessee for audio engineering trade school! So I am preparing for that. :)