2012-05-02 12:37:13 by theGodspeed

I think I'll be making an album of all of my best music soon. It would be free to download and hopefully extremely epic.


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2012-05-02 12:40:53

Been following your updates for a while. Waiting for this!

theGodspeed responds:

Thanks man, I'll do my best!


2012-05-12 00:00:55

Yesss...! Been blown away by how top-notch you've been, showing up as randomly as you did (to me). Definitely will be looking out for this.

theGodspeed responds:

lol thanks man and I had no idea that the NG community would like my music when I started no more than a month ago either! The community picked up my stuff super fast and the feedback they have given me has been pretty epic, much to my pleasant surprise. I love creating music, especially video game soundtrack compositions, so it kinda fit perfectly right from the get-go. =)